HOP Day Out

Each year, the entire company comes together for a HOP Team building Day Out. The activities differ from one year to the next with past events including HOP at the races, Digger Day and Run a Restaurant.

This year, the theme of our day was ‘Scaffolding in Temporary Works’. The aim was to encourage all of our Engineers and Technicians to understand some of the principles of scaffolding design and erection, encouraging team work and some healthy competition throughout.

Teams were marked for planning and timing, teamwork, design, frame and deck, tidiness and technical difficulty.
On arrival at the site the teams were met with an ‘invisible’ river, 4.5 metres wide and six stacks of scaffolding equipment, 1 for each team. The object was to span the imaginary 4.5m wide river (designated by some riverbanks made of 3 high scaffold planks) using the equipment allocated.

“It was great fun getting to know others from work that I don’t normally see, and it was interesting how everyone’s skills and knowledge applied in the task. I’ll definitely never underestimate the amount of work to put scaffolding up after this!”
HOP Trainee, Meredith

Thanks must go to both Shoreham Port Authority for lending their premises for the day, as well as Austin Cradles for supplying the equipment and scaffolders to support HOP staff.