Paddle Round the Pier 2018

Paddle Round the Pier is the world’s largest free beach and watersports festival. It is organised every year in Brighton and features the best in watersports, live music, kids’ entertainment, ‘have a go’ demonstrations and more!

HOP Managing Director and Paddle’s Chair of the Trustees, Jon Orrell, assisted in the organisation of the festival this July and encouraged the whole company to get involved.

HOP staff helped with multiple aspects of the festival including: administrative roles, liaising with sponsors, designing banners, sourcing the historic diving tank, controlling the social media and handing out leaflets.

We also volunteered during the event by taking photographs, fundraising and setting up the banners and equipment.



HOP Canoe 

In preparation for the event, our Engineers worked hard to create HOP’s submission for the ‘Paddle Something Unusual’ event! The finished boat was a massive 8 metres long, South Sea Island outrigger canoe.



“Building the canoe was good fun, it was nice getting stuck in with some hands-on woodworking experience. The canoe is huge and I’m very much looking forward to seeing it on the water!” – Oliver, IT Apprentice.



HOP Directors also got involved in the ‘Paddle Lecture Theatre’ to discuss the history of Brighton’s piers in their lecture ‘Coastal Civil Engineering’.