Royal Albert Dock

Incorporation of the 1.2km long historic dock wall constructed in 1880 into the redevelopment of the Royal Albert Dock as a modern business district.

The 1880 historic mass concrete quay wall was shown to be in relatively good condition, however, the later extended reinforced concrete suspended deck in front of the wall (built circa 1930’s) began showing signs of deterioration. Should the wall not have capacity for the future proposed loads, significant reconstruction works may be required and would have a significant impact on the overall project programme.

HOP undertook an inspection of the quay to supplement a previous diving survey and specified site investigation works to investigate the rear of the wall.

HOP also carried out a structural and risk based assessment of the wall based on the findings of the inspections, in accordance with CIRIA C746 ‘Management of Old Waterfront Walls’.

HOP recommended that only minor repairs were required to the wall with application of surface screeds to increase the long term durability of the structure, provided that maintenance and inspection is ongoing. This allowed the developer to commence with the work, with no significant constraints on the dock structure.