Seaside Piers

With a unique blend of building experience and proficiency in Commercial Diving, HOP are well placed to advise on seaside piers, both in the UK and abroad.

We worked as part of the design team for multiple new piers in Gibraltar and the Stone Pier at Ascension Island, just south of the Equator.

Around the British coastline, our involvement started in the late 1980’s with Brighton West Pier and Brighton Palace Pier.

HOP are engaged to do regular inspections, design remedial works, strengthening and extension work and take a hands-on approach with the existing structure. With the various Health & Safety challenges this presents, HOP have developed a unique way of surveying, collating data, as well as carrying out standard inspections and remedial works. Current works at Brighton Pier involve the installation of 15m long x 1.5m deep sectional steel trusses and strengthening works to take some of today’s modern amusement rides. HOP have also assisted in resolving collision and fire damage.