Brighton Marina

As retained Consultants to Brighton Marina, HOP has a wide remit on this site. We have been responsible for short, medium and long term strategies for the maintenance of the breakwaters to cater for general wear and tear, dredging, future climate changes and other coastal processes. We design, supervise and project manage all repair, maintenance and upgrading works (including those underwater). Other projects include:

  • Comprehensive Pre-acquisition surveys
  • Assessment of all flooding and drainage issues
  • Involvement with residential developers and their contractors with respect to foundation and superstructure design
  • Consideration of various (including current) schemes for land reclamation and other general improvements
  • Design of car parking and involvement in site works
  • Assessment of existing building and design details with respect to construction of new buildings and structures on this multi million pound development
  • Development of Breakwater Maintenance Strategy; infilling of the caissons with mass concrete