Northbrook College

HOP provided both Civil & Structural Engineering input for Northbrook College on their recent 3 phased redevelopment which totalled £25 million of investment.

Phase 1 was based at the Broadwater Campus and included 4 main new buildings: a new double height Entrance Atrium, a 3 Storey Teaching Facility, a Sustainable Construction Classroom and a new ‘Links’ Facility to school 14 -16 year olds for Vocational training.

Phase 2 at the Broadwater Campus included a large, new 2 Storey Building, housing the Refectory, Staff amenities, some teaching space and a LLDD facility, together with a ‘Street’ linking the campus and new External Courtyard.

Phase 3 included works at both Campuses, with 2 large extension buildings at Durrington and a smaller extension and refurbishment of the Engineering wing at Broadwater.