Shelter Hall, Brighton Seafront

HOP is providing the structural design for the demolition and rebuild of the former West Street Shelter Hall located in Brighton. As part of the city’s seafront regeneration plan, the new three storey building will double the amount of commercial space available.

Our involvement with the project started very early on with first phase works realigning the lower promenade road to make space for the new building, whilst also incorporating a sheet piled wall to help protect the new building.  HOP designed the complex temporary works to allow the former building to be demolished, whilst allowing the A259 road, a key traffic artery for Brighton, to be kept open during all phases of the work. The temporary works were designed to incorporate the permanent works wherever possible, providing a more economical solution in the temporary state.

The new concrete framed building straddles a large sewer which had to be bridged as part of the design to avoid surcharging the Southern Water asset.   The building has been designed to support the A259 whilst providing an open plan footprint to maximise the space for commercial use.