Shoreham Centre

HOP provided Civil and Structural Design input for the extension and redevelopment of the Shoreham Centre building.  The centre, built in the 1970’s on the site of the old Grammar School and in the centre of the old town, was partially demolished with the new building wrapping around the main hall, linking both the old and new parts of the building.  The contract required the centre be kept in use throughout the build.

Initially we provided feasibility and concept design up to D&B Tender stage. We were then appointed by the successful contractor Sunninghill.

The complex amalgamation of spaces, entrance hall and offices, were achieved using a steel frame supporting inset precast floors and both metal deck and purlin roof support systems.  As planned junctions between the new and old were internal spaces of the occupied centre and well used, works carried out in these areas could only be formulated well into the build.  HOP and Sunninghill worked closely on site to achieve solutions to keep the project to both program and budget.
The building stands as an impressive modern development, enhancing the older 1970’s facility.